Hiding Your Veggies with Fruits

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The Nutribullet

One of the biggest tools I have that has allowed me to get in shape and improve my health was my NutriBullet. Smoothies packed full of fruits and vegetables of my choosing, I would replace at least one, sometimes two meals a day with a Nutribullet Shake.

For those of you who are not a fan of certain types of vegetables or fruits, this is a great way to hide the taste of your least favorite foods and flavors under better ones like banana and strawberry.  Many people struggle with eating healthy because they are so picky, but having the ability to put these not so tasty foods in allows you to broaden your food horizons.

My favorite example of this type of person is my dad. Before we got our NutriBullet my dad would very rarely consume any fruits or vegetables. Meat and potatoes would be the best way to describe his diet, and this was a problem.

Motivation to get healthy

One of the scariest moments was when I heard that my dad had experienced a heart attack.  While it turned out that it was a viral heart attack and not because of a clogged artery, it was still a wake up call for everybody that eating healthy had to become a priority. That was when we got our first NutriBullet.

Our first recipe was simple; a handful cup of baby spinach some frozen fruits from Costco and a banana. Nothing much to it but since we were replacing every breakfast with this we were getting so many more fruits and vegetables in on a daily basis. Over time each member of my family found their own personalized recipe that they found the best for them. Here’s a few of our recipes to give you some ideas.

Let’s start with mine!

2 cups of organic baby spinach

1 cup of fresh, frozen mixed berries (Costco bag)

(I can usually find the strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry mix)

1 banana

4-5 pieces of watermelon

4-5 chunks of pineapple

3 baby tomatoes (there’s that taste I don’t like that I hide!)

1 cut up apple

So my recipe is pretty simple. After you’ve stuffed everything in there  I get a ton of benefits from this recipe, and when I make a full size (you’ll see most blenders have a small cup and a tall one) it fills me up and keeps my going.

Dad: My dad’s recipe is similar to mine, but let’s take a look at what else he adds in.

2 cups of organic baby spinach

1 cup of fresh, frozen mixed berries (Costco bag)

(strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry mix)

1 banana

4-5 pieces of watermelon

4-5 chunks of pineapple

3 baby tomatoes


**Peanut butter

**Protein powder

Some other variations

So my sister likes to keep it simple as well, She keeps the standard ingredients, the baby spinach, berries, and bananas.  However, instead of filling the container with water like me and my dad do, she likes to mix everything with milk.  My brother does the same thing, he mixes his shake with milk, and in addition to the normal ingredients he also adds yogurt.

My mom is not nearly as picky as the rest of us.  She puts in pretty much all of the ingredients I’ve mentioned above, and also will add in flax seed, and goji berries as well.

So what’s the take home message here? There is a limitless amount of recipes that can be made in your Nutribullet.  While my family tends to stick to more fruits in the shakes, you can really put anything in there.  Cucumbers, avocados, grapes, almonds, broccoli, olive oil, kale, nectarine, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and even carrots. Instead of water or milk, you can even do almond milk or coconut water.

Where to buy and what to buy?


There are 3 different types that I would recommend that are all sold on Amazon, depending on the price you want to pay and the power of the blender. I’m going to start with the cheapest version and go from.

Magic Bullet 11-piece set

This blender has no ties to the NutriBullet, it is completely separate.  It comes in several different colors, however if you are looking for the cheapest one to buy, that would be the standard silver, for $34.90.  Red bumps you up only $6, so if you really want more color in your life, go ahead and pay the $40.04.  🙂

What’s included?

-2 solid lids, 1 flip top lid, 1 party mug, 1 short cup, 1 tall cup, and a recipe book

Amazon does not list the watts for the Magic Bullet, but a quick search past Amazon led me to a wattage of 250.  This is pretty low, compared to the wattage of other blenders, as you’ll see in the next few summaries.  However, it is enough to get the job done for daily shakes.  As long as the majority of food in the blender are veggies and fruits without stems and nothing is too hard or tough, you should be good.

Conclusion: Recommended for beginners who are going to keep the recipes simple and want a cheaper blender to start with.

Magic Bullet Nutribullet 12-piece set

This blender is much more powerful than the Magic Bullet, with a 600-watt motor.  Because of this, the price goes up to $79.99 for the standard silver color.  Although, like the Magic Bullet you can pay more for the colors blue or red.

What’s included?

-2 resealable lids, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 handled lip ring, 1 regular lip ring, 1 user manual and cookbook, and 1 pocket nutritionist

With this blender/mixer, anything you want to go into your drink or smoothie can go in it.  It will also do it’s job with tough skins, and will chop up anything you need.  Why is this better than the Magic Bullet’s strength? Because many of the nutrients we are looking to get into our bodies are actually in the stems and skins, and once they are broken down, that’s when we get the most benefits.

Conclusion: Still within a good price range, so I would recommend this blender as my top choice.  Powerful enough to get the job done, but won’t break the bank.

Nutribullet Pro Blender 13-piece set

This pro blender is for the users who are planning on making shakes multiple times a day, everyday.  It includes all the features of the previous 2 types, but with a 900-watt motor.  Because of this high powered motor, the consistency of the shakes will be nice and smooth, even if your adding in big ingredients with hard skins/stems/seeds, etc.  It also comes with a hard cover full recipe book that is much more extensive than other books that come with these blenders.

Conclusion: Because of it’s price of $99.99, I would only recommend this blender if you are planning on using it consistently everyday and using tough fruits, veggies, seeds, or nuts in your shakes.


Take home message

Like I said above, for most people I recommend the Magic Bullet Nutribullet as my main choice, but go with your gut!  Remember, no matter which blender you choose to purchase, just know that you are taking a big step toward improving your health, and getting more nutrients than you ever thought possible! 🙂 So make your choice, and start blending those awesome, healthy foods!!!



  1. Hi Jessie, great article! I am overweight and I have been contemplating on ways to start eating better. Your post gave me an idea. I think I will invest in a magic bullet. I have been apprehensive to get a juicer, mainly because I read that they are very hard to clean. I think the magic bullet may be perfect to start. It is inexpensive, and looks like it may be pretty easy to clean. I love fruit, and some vegetables, and your article makes a good point to use the fruit taste to mask some vegetable tastes that I may not like so much. I think I will try that! Great site, thank you!

    • Jessica Gutierrez

      Hey Eric! I have been using my NutriBullet for a long time now and I’ve never had an issue cleaning it. The trick is to give it a quick rinse right when you are done using it, and then let it sit for a bit before washing it completely. For all three of the types I reviewed, they are all dishwasher safe as well. 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Hello Jessie, very good article. I have “little” overweight and I have a collection of recipes about smoothies. So I bookmarked your site. Your article is very clean if I can say so easy to read.
    You have very much social media buttons do you need those all?
    Very nice after all.
    All best to you.

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