“Strong is the New Sexy”

I’m sure everyone has heard this expression, “Strong is the New Sexy.”  It’s the newest wave of motivation, that has been getting more and more people up and out to the gym and eating healthy.  But why is this sentence so important? And how can we embrace it in our daily lives? My favorite part

Punch Your Way into Shape

One of the biggest apps around right now for saving money and finding cheap things to do is Groupon.  Well, as someone who loves to save and get the most out of coupons and Deals, I looked through Groupon to see if I could find a workout coupon to try something new. I’m sure if

The Fun World of BCAAs

In my quest to improve my health and feel better both physically and mentally, I recently decided to change my workout routine from CrossFit workouts to Orange Theory Fitness (Article on this wonderful workout soon.)  As you may already know from hearing about OTF from a member, or from your own experience as a member,

The Promise of Commitment

Welcome reader, to the first Tuesday article. If this is the first article you’ve ever read on my site, congratulations! You found the site, just in time!! 😊 Why just in time you ask? Because I’m just about to make a commitment to you, the reader. But first, let’s talk about commitment. What is commitment?