The Best Workout App for Home

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A few days ago I posted about just starting out, and how this can be tough to jump into when there is a lot to unlearn and then relearn. This goes not just for eating, but for working out too. Especially if you are also looking to avoid extra costs every month. I recently recommended a list of apps that are free to use at home to a friend, and decided to do some research on some of the free or cheap items out there. Here’s a review of my all time favorite one.

When you do an app store search for “30 Day Challenges” there are a ton of results. My favorite one is the Vigour App series.  There is 1 main app, and then 6 supporting apps.  Read on to learn what I mean by that… 🙂

The main app is the Vigour 30 Day Fitness Challenge, and it provides you with FREE 30 days of workouts for the follow areas;

Push Up

You can choose either one of these, or all of them to work out.  It’s completely up to you, depending on your level of fitness, and which areas you want to work extra in.


One of my favorite things about the app, is that it lets you choose your workout level.  If this is absolutely your first time ever working out any part of your body or first starting a fitness journey, then you can choose Beginner Level 1.  If you have been working out for years, and just need to cut back on that gym membership and do a trial month at home, then pick Advance Level 2.  Here’s every option you have with every body part;

Beginner Level 1

Beginner Level 2

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

Advance Level 1

Advance Level 2

So go ahead and pick your poison, which ever you think you can handle. 🙂 Choose wisely though, you don’t want to have to start all over!! You can also pick different levels with each exercise area as well.  For example, if you have been doing push-ups since you were 10, but have never done a sit-up in your life, then go ahead and pick Advance Level 2 for push-ups, and Beginner Level 1 for abs.

Bonus: Since the app has 6 different levels, unless you are starting all the different exercises at Advance Level 2, you actually have up to 6 months of exercises to work through.  If you are starting in the middle it’s of course less, but depending on where you start, you have the potential to move up the levels with each exercise.

Day 1

So you click on your Ab exercise and choose Beginner Level 1.  From there it will give you a calendar looking display  showing day 1 to day 30, like in the picture to the right.  You hit the 1, and there you go! You now have your list of moves that you need to do.  Now you simply follow the instructions on the screen, and hit the X in the circle next to the exercise when you have finished it.  After you have completed every exercise, the day turns green.


Wait! But what happens when you don’t know how to do an exercise they give you! Don’t worry about it.  On the bottom on your app, there is a little figure how looks like they are doing a sit-up (it’s also the second button in from the left).  If you need an example of how to do it, you can click this button and it will show you with both text description, and a picture, on how to do the move.  Every single move in the app has an explanation in this help section.

The information section

There’s a small information section on the bottom of the app as well that gives some health advice and talks about forming new healthy habits. I’m a fan of this little section because it gets back to basics, which if you read my last article that I have linked above, you know I like doing that. 🙂  “What Will You Lose,” “Health Advice,” and “The Science,” are short paragraphs that I recommend your read.

Get your daily reminders

There is an option on the last screen to turn on notifications.  DO IT! Use this feature, because then you have absolutely no excuse to not complete every single day. Turn the notifications on, and get going.

6 More apps

Are you overwhelming with the idea of having to do every exercise for all 6 body parts offered? Well that’s okay.  They have separate apps for each of the 6 sections listed.  So if you don’t feel like doing all of them, you can search for whichever app you would like.  This lets you focus on one app at a time, or have a whatever combo your heart desires.

Make the commitment to 30 days…

I know you can do it! Even if you are just picking one exercise, and starting at Beginner Level 1, you are still making a commitment, and that’s always a positive thing. Do the best you can with it, and make sure you comment below with how your progress is going! Good luck.  Peace! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the article Jess! I had no idea that they offered apps like this that were not only free but detailed as well. I was nervous at first about the list of exercises because I am at the very beginning stages of working out and are not familiar with the different moves that people do. Outside of the basics like squats and lunges :). I love that they offer a description of it and the notifications will help keep me accountable. 30 day challenge here I come. 🙂

    1. Hey Christine! Thanks for the comment 🙂 It’s awesome what technology has to offer! I love the help section also, since there are moves in the program that are completely different from what I have used too. Now we get to learn different moves and be more advanced! 🙂 Thanks again.

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