The Best Fitbit Around

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One of my favorite fitness tracking devices is my Fitbit Alta.  It’s worn on my wrist just like a watch, and allows me to track my steps, miles, calories burned, minutes active, sleep patterns, water intake, and calories eaten.  I can set alarms, get hourly reminders, and be involved in challenges with friends.  Lets break it down and we can go through all the different things you can do with the Fitbit and the app that goes along with it.

Here’s a list of every product Fitbit has right now.



Flex 2

Alta- here’s what I have!!



Charge 2

Alta HR
Time for bed

My favorite part of my Fitbit Alta is the fact that I can track my sleep.  For the longest time, I got 8 hours of sleep, but could never figure out why I was so tired every morning.  Well I used my Fitbit for a few days to track my sleep   patterns, and it turned that I would lose anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour every night from restlessness.  See, the fitbit doesn’t count minutes when you are tossing and turning, it only counts when you are in a deep sleep.  Here was the explanation I was looking for.  After making some adjustments to my sleep habits, I was able to actually increase the amount of time I stayed asleep and decrease how often I was restless.  The difference was amazing.

Reminders all day everyday

I hate the alarm on my phone.  Seriously! It would always wake me up in such a forceful and abrupt manner, and my first instinct waking up was nooooooo.  So I ditched my phone, and used the Alarm section on my app instead.  Now, after I set a time for the alarm to go off, my Fitbit wakes me up with a vibration while I wear it.  I don’t have to worry about getting annoyed first thing in the morning from my blaring phone.

You can set multiple alarms for throughout the day too.  These can be reminders to get up and move around every so often, or can be used as normal alarms for meetings, tasks, etc.  Whatever you want to do with your alarm, your Fitbit can help.


When I first got my fitbit, I got to add everyone at work who also owned a Fitbit and become friends on the app.  From there, we set up different challenges that are available through the app. There are 4 different challenges that you can choose from; Goal Day, Workweek Hustle, Weekend Warrior, and Daily Showdown.  The max amount of people in each challenge is 10, and the goals of each challenge are self explanatory.  Get the most amount of steps in the group during the set time period.  Win it all, and you get bragging right among your friends! 🙂

Not only do they have the option to add friends, but the community section of the app lets you connect with other members of the Fitbit community.  Healthy Eating currently has 597k members, where members post pictures and blog like statuses about their success, goals, and everyday challenges they are going through.  It’s a great way to connect with more people who are looking to get into shape and have a fun time doing it too.

Track food, water, exercise, and weight

What good would all this extra stuff be, without the basic ability to track food, water, exercise, and weight?? Your dashboard gives you an overall summary of where you are throughout the day, and as you eat, drink, and work out, you can track it on the app and make sure you are staying within your goals.  The food tracker is like most other apps, where you can scan the bar code, or if you choose, search for it in the system.  As you add foods during the day, the app also keeps track of your macronutrients, and how many calories you are eating.  The same is true for your water intake, where you can set your goal for however many ounces you want to have per day, and you can see how you are progressing.

Exercise can be tracked manually, however I am a fan of letting my fitbit do my work for me.  🙂  The point of wearing the Fitbit on your wrist is that it can track your steps, calories burned, miles walked/ran, and minutes active.  Well, with this technology, it can also figure out when you are becoming more active and working out, based on how many steps you are getting.  So as you go about your day, if you decide to go for a run, this will show up under the Track exercise section without you having to add anything. Very convenient!

After setting your goal weight, you can also track your weight as often as you weigh in, and see how you are doing in that area as well.  The scale icon with the semi circle around it shows you your progress, and the more you lose, the closer you get to the left side of the circle.

So many options so little time

As you can see from the list above, there are many options when looking to buy a Fitbit.  The Zip is the least expensive, but is also the least capable technology wise.  It is limited in what it can track, and some of the features such as the sleep tracking is not possible.  However it is a good option if you are just looking to get started.

The Charge, Blaze, Surge, and newest Fitbit Alta HR all track heart rate, so if you want that feature, you are going to want to choose one of those.  All of the Fitbits except for the Zip and the One have text and call notifications that show up on the display.  However, the type of display changes with each Fitbit, so make sure you take a look first and see what you think about each.

Take a look and jump in!

The Fitbit website is the best place to find all the different features, but there are also sales on different sites.  I found a great sale on Groupon for the Charge HR, for only $79.99, where the normal price is normally $149.99.  Here’s some more.

Fitbit Surge on Amazon

Fitbit Alta HR on Amazon

You can also find different ones on the Fitbit site, but sometimes the best option is other sites.  So take a look and find the best option for you. Peace! 🙂

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  1. I’m in the market for a Fitbit so I appreciated reading your post. I’m having a hard time deciding if I want to spend more and get an Apple Watch but not sure if it does all the same things a Fitbit does. I really like the sleep monitoring though because I think I’m restless a lot a night too. Thanks for all the work you put into this post. I’m sure it will help a lot of people just like me!

    1. My Fitbit is my greatest tool in my fitness journey.  I love seeing the sleep patterns! I have never had an Apple Watch, but I do not believe that the watch tracks sleep.  Either way, technology really is becoming our greatest tool! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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