Nike Running App Review

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For the past 3 years I have been using The Nike Running app to track my miles while both running and walking.  Over those 3 years, I’ve racked up over 1100 miles and completed more than 400 logged runs.  This app has pushed me to improve my times, my weekly and monthly goals set, and compete with others.  Let’s get into how the app works and everything it has to offer.

There are 2 options for tracking miles on this app.  The first is by initiating a run that will track your progress through GPS.  When you step outside and get ready for a run, there’s a Quick start option that allows you to hit “Start” and then take off.  As you run it will give you your current pace, total miles, and overall time.  The app will also give you mile markers as you run, so that you don’t have to look at your phone. You can change the settings to have the app announce every mile, or every half mile.  Not only does it give you the miles, but it also gives you the time it took to complete each mile.  This plays over any music you have playing, so you can get your time and distance without ever looking at your phone.

There are also Guided Runs that can be chosen, such as Short Runs, Long Runs, Speed Runs, and Intervals.  I have never used any of these myself, but it’s a goal for the next few months to try some of them out.  Lastly, there is the My Coach section, which has different options for long term goals.  A 4-week Plan and an 8-week Plan are both under this tab.

The second way to log a run is to enter it manually.  The GPS feature obviously wouldn’t work on a treadmill, so for those runs you can go to the Activity tab.  On the top right corner there is a + button, where you can then add the distance run/walked, and the total time it took to complete your run.  After you hit save, the run is logged and is added to your total miles, which is displayed under this tab as well.  Also under this tab is the Achievements section, which is one of my favorite parts of the app. There are too many to go through, but here’s a few fun examples…


The last section under the Activity tab is the Run Levels.  This is a summary of your total miles walked or run since day 1 of signing up for the app.  As you add miles, you Level up as you hit different mile amounts.  As you can see from the pictures below, I’m currently on the Blue level.  After Blue there are still 3 more to go until you have hit the max Level, so every day there is motivation to get some sort of workout in that adds miles to my total. 🙂




My other favorite part of this app is where you can add friends and family and compete for who can get the most miles in a month.  It’s called the Leaderboard, and it is under the Club tab.  This screen shows your total miles for the month, and what place you are in compared to everyone else on your friends list.  Under that, is the actual leaderboard with a list of every friend and how many miles they have.  As the month progresses, and each friend adds miles, the leaderboard updates.  At the end of each month, whoever has the most miles wins 1st place.

The most recent update to the Nike Running App added a new section called Challenges. You can now join other runners, even those not on your friends list, in different distance challenges that start and end each month. For example, April had 2 challenges, April 50K Challenge, and April 100K Challenge. When you sign up, you give yourself a goal of running 50K (31.06 miles) for that month.  As the months have gone on, they have added others, such as May Weekly Challenge.  The goal for this run is to run 9 miles this week.

This app has helped me push my limits, and see my progress.  The achievement section inspires me to run faster and longer distances, or work out on days where usually I wouldn’t have.  The more I run, the more achievements I earn, and these pop up at the end of every run.  In addition, the Leaderboard section pushes me whenever someone is racked up miles more than I am.  My family is a competitive one, which I love, but it means I have to push to get more miles if I want to finish in 1st.

When it comes to apps that I use daily, this one is it.  I love the way it motivates me, and I recommend this app to anyone who wants to walk or run to help them lose weight or just be active.  So go download the app, and comment below with your user ID if you want to add more friends. 🙂






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